About Dr. Vikis

A colorectal surgeon at Royal Columbian and Eagle Ridge Hospitals since 2012 and Clinical Instructor, Department of Surgery, UBC, Elena Vikis is at the forefront of an international effort to introduce a new standard of care for one of the most common and deadliest cancers.


After starting practice in 2009, she became an early adopter of a promising new surgical technique for treating rectal lesions and cancers.  Today, Dr. Vikis has become a leading practitioner in Canada of the procedure known as TaTME. She has performed more TaTME cases than anyone else in the country, introduced the new approach to surgical colleagues, co-organized the first congress on this topic in Canada, and presented at conferences in the US and Europe. In addition, she established sub-specialized colorectal surgical services, including an MIS Fellowship program, for Fraser Health, the largest health region in BC.​

Dr. Vikis is a proud supporter of Colon Cancer Canada.