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About Dr. Vikis

Dr. Elena Vikis has been a colorectal surgeon at Royal Columbian and Eagle Ridge Hospitals since 2012, concurrently serving as a Clinical Instructor in the Department of Surgery at UBC.

Positioned at the forefront of an international initiative, Dr. Vikis is spearheading the introduction of a new standard of care for one of the most prevalent and deadly cancers.

Commencing her practice in 2009, Dr. Vikis swiftly embraced a promising new surgical technique for addressing rectal lesions and cancers. Today, she stands as a preeminent practitioner in Canada of the groundbreaking procedure known as transanal minimally invasive surgery (TAMIS). With a record of performing more TAMIS cases than any other practitioner in the country, she has not only championed the method within her professional circles but also co-organized Canada's inaugural congress on this subject and delivered presentations at conferences across the United States and Europe.

Furthermore, Dr. Vikis has been instrumental in establishing specialized colorectal surgical services, including an MIS Fellowship program, for Fraser Health, the largest health region in British Columbia.


Her dedication extends beyond the operating room, as she proudly supports the initiatives of Colon Cancer Canada, advocating for awareness and improved outcomes in the fight against colorectal cancer.

Dr. Elena Vikis
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