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Colonoscopy &

Flexible Sigmoidoscopy

Preparing for your procedure at
Eagle Ridge Hospital.
STEP 1:  Confirm your appointment

Before you confirm, you need to be able to take the day off work the day of your colonoscopy. Call (604) 524-2454 at least 2 weeks prior to your procedure. If leaving a message, please state and spell your full name, as well as the date and time of your appointment.  You will not receive a call back, unless there is an issue with your booking.  If you do not confirm, your procedure may be cancelled.

Once confirmed, if you cancel or reschedule less than 2 weeks before your appointment, you will be charged a fee.  This fee ranges from $100 to $300 and is based upon how much notice you provide our office.

STEP 2:  Arrange for a responsible person to come with you

Plan to arrive at Eagle Ridge Hospital Patient Registration 1 hour before your appointment.  If you are having a colonoscopy or sedation with your flexible sigmoidoscopy, you will need someone to drive you from the hospital and to stay with you for 24 hours after the procedure.


Conscious sedation means you are just awake enough to follow instructions and let your endoscopist know if you experience any discomfort, but drowsy to the point that you may not remember what happened. It is not safe for patients to be put fully asleep for these procedures.  

If you do not speak English, you will need to bring a translator.

STEP 3:  Follow the preparation instructions provided specifically for you by our office. Advise us immediately if you are taking blood thinners.
Depending on your personal medical history, you will be advised to prepare with Pico-Salax, Bi-PegLyte, or Fleet enemas. You may take Gravol if you have nausea.
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